Product Description
  • 5 Pole (12 Foot Windbreak)
  • Rot Proof Fabric
  • Steel Tipped Wooden Poles 

Product information:


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Poles 5 Wooden (Steel Tips)
Material Rot Proof Cotton
Length 3.6 metres / 12 foot
Hight 1.3 metres / 4.5 foot
Weight 3.4kg




5 Pole (12 foot windbreak) with Rot Proof Fabric, includes two year guarantee on the cotton. Comes with Awning Channel, designed for caravans and motorhomes.


This fantastic Witley Designed Red, White & Green cotton windbreak is 4.5 feet tall and comes with 5 foot wooden poles with steel tips and plastic clips to keep the fabric in place.The Witley Windbreak appears in Emmerdale during Summer 2013.  The perfect windbreak with the perfect design.


Do not machine wash.



£35.00 GBP

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