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2021 Camping Trends

2021 Camping Trends

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There’s no doubt that camping became really popular in 2020 and everyone wanted to get away to enjoy their staycation adventures, explore somewhere new and enjoy time with the family and nature. We anticipate that 2021 will see even more people decide to go camping, as holidays abroad continue to look unreliable. So, we want to give you some insight on what the camping trends are for 2021 to help inspire your next adventure!


Eco-Friendly Accessories


OLPRO Melamine

As we all know, sustainability is key when camping. However, it can be hard to stay sustainable on your camping trips when you use one-time disposable items. But don’t worry, we have a variety of items that are sustainable, reusable and add character to your camping kit! 

We offer a variety of Melamine sets that will suit the number of you camping as well as adding colour and style to your cutlery. Our Melamine is easy to clean, stores easy and is incredibly durable. You don’t need to worry about our Melamine breaking and causing those unwanted accidents when you want to enjoy your camping trips in the easiest way possible!

If you’re looking for more food storage, we have a range of Storage containers that differ in size and shape, which are perfect for storing food or picnics. Our Husk storage containers are made from Rice Husk which is sustainable, durable and has insulating properties.

Lets all make that extra effort to be more sustainable in 2021 and enjoy what nature has to offer together.


Innovative Accessories


OLPRO Peg Puller Pro

Innovative accessories are becoming increasingly popular for outdoor camping, hiking and weekend adventures. People want to reduce the amount of stuff they are taking away with them even if it’s for a quick day at the beach or a week away camping. However, we want to make items that not only are innovative but have multiple purposes, a bit like our Peg Puller Pros which allow you to pull out pegs or push them into the ground with ease. Best of all, these are the kind to save you precious space.


Festival Camping


OLPRO Orange POP Tent

We expect to see an increase in the amount of festival campers in 2021 due to the restrictions and cancellations of festivals in 2020. Festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella and Reading & Leeds Festival as well as many others will be looking to re-open their sites to music lovers which means that there will hopefully be an increase in the number of campers attending.


We have a range of tents that are essentials to take camping with you. If you aren’t a fan of pitching a tent, then our 2 Berth POP Tents are perfect for you. They only take 1 minute to set up

and are easy to take down. With our POP Tents being available for as little as £55, you can get yours now on our website.




OLPRO Odyssey Tent

Glamping has become the preferred choice of camping for many people. We have seen an increase in Glamping in the last few years as people want to enjoy the outdoors but with an added bit of luxury on top. So this year we’ve introduced a new 8 person tent called the Odyssey which is perfect for providing a significant amount of space for campers, with the benefit of some incredibly large windows for the perfect scenic views.

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