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10 reasons to go camping

10 reasons to go camping

10 reasons why you should go camping for your next holiday

1. Camping can be the ultimate romantic getaway!

With Valentine’s Day now upon us, it’s a good time to point out that an adventurous camping getaway can be the perfect romantic trip for many couples. For many of the reasons you’re about to read, camping can be the best way to spend time with your other half, whether it’s the picturesque views, the quality time spent together or just the ability to make some unforgettable ‘out of the ordinary’ memories together, camping is the way forward.

2 It’s the best way to see a sunset and sunrise
Imagine waking up every morning and rolling out of bed to the greatest view of a sunset or sunrise. If you know the perfect spot for viewing a sunset or a sunrise, then there really is no easier way to capture th at perfect tranquil moment. Why not use that extra time you would have spent on travelling from a hotel for setting up the ultimate camera shot… or maybe just extra snoozing in bed.

3. Camping is also perfect for gazing at stars
Everybody loves  stargazing right?! Well imagine being able to do that every night, from the comfort of your own tent. Some tents now allow you to stargaze under the canvas of your own tent with purpose-built stargazing panels. Most campsites are a good distance from the hustle and bustle of nearby cities and towns, meaning there is no light pollution and only clear sky views for the perfect starry night.

4. Spending Quality Time with Others
Do you remember when holidays revolved around spending quality time with each other, and not around how strong the wifi connection is? When camping is done properly, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to spend real quality time together and even remind others of the value of this time together. Enjoy each other’s company and tell those winning stories that always makes your family and loved ones laugh, and tell those awful jokes you know that unfortunately don’t.

5. Spend Quality Time on Yourself
Camping isn’t just for families and lovebirds though! Many backpackers choose to go camping on their own as the ideal opportunity to go on an adventure of their own and get away from it all. For some people, there’s nothing more exciting than going completely off the beaten track and creating an adventure that is unique to them alone. Definitely a great experience for those who enjoy their own company.

6. Immerse yourself in nature
Many campsites are designed to give you the best possible opportunity to witness nature at its finest. Some of the best camping adventures are the ones that allow you to see the sights that you just wouldn’t get in a built up environment. Whether you’re camping near rivers, or pitching in hilly areas, there are some incredible views to be had in the company of friendly wildlife.

7. It’s great for your wellbeing
Nowadays, we hear all the time about the importance of looking after yourself. At a time when people are constantly ‘switched on’ with phones in their pockets and internet connectivity faster and more accessible than ever, the best way to look after your own wellbeing can be an exciting camping escape. Of course, camping will give you the opportunity to get some fresh air into your lungs and a chance to unwind from some of the stresses of modern life.

8. Relax and recharge
Similarly , the fresh air and exercise will help you to relax, sleep well and recharge your batteries. It’s easy to create a camping adventure that is set to the pace that you want it to be - no rushing around and no stressful traffic jams to contend with! The oxygen will be good for your body and you’ll almost certainly end a camping adventure feeling refreshed.

9. It’s a better option for the environment
Constantly flying abroad is damaging for the environment. Flying takes a lot of energy and releases a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, this only worsens the greenhouse gas effect which is causing temperatures to rise. So you can rest easy in the knowledge that camping is a low-carbon alternative that the environment will thank you for.

10. Camping is affordable
And last but not least, camping is also good for your bank account! Buying a high quality tent once can provide you with a lifetime of accommodation for future holidays and your biggest expense will most likely be the travel cost to get to your camping destination. So imagine all of the nice things you can spend your extra money on, maybe an extra holiday or two... ok, maybe 5!

Who are OLPRO and what do we do?

First published back in 2013.

We make some pretty funky outdoor stuff for definite. Started 3 years ago when I left the employment of others we started designing and dreaming up things which would make being in the outdoors even more fun.

There are now 9 of us in the team and we’re growing all the time.

As well as from the camping world we also have people in the team from clothing and from marketing. We’re always looking at what we can develop or what we can make that’s not out there already. This has led us down some different paths but we’re always up for exploring new ideas.

Our exposure on social media has helped (21,000 followers on Twitter) as we get great feedback from friends and followers.

We’re really well known for Melamine sets. We design and then produce some fantastic melamine designs for people who want something contemporary and cool. Our Berrow Hill melamine set is sold across the world now and has been featured in a lot of media, as well as winning a number of awards. It’s a great set which depicts camping, caravanning, outdoor wildlife and tree! Following from Berrow Hill we launched Bewdley which is made for the gardener.

Recently, we launched our EAT OUT set. This has gone crazy. For once we wanted to put together a set where everything in the box was different. So, the person who buys the EAT OUT melamine set gets 16 different products – 8 plates, 4 bowls and 4 mugs but all with different etchings across them.

Every one loves EAT OUT, which recently featured in Jamie Olivers magazine.

Away from Melamine we make tents.

Again we don’t do boring stuff.

Our family range of tents features cool three colour designs and special design features made for families. We’ve won awards in the national press 2 years running now for tent design and work with several festivals. Our new Cocoons won Festival Tent of the Year for the Four Berth and with features such as the removable panel and darker sleeping areas we weren’t surprised.

We camp all the time so these tents get a lot of testing and we tweak them a lot before launching.

2015 see’s the launch of our Martley 2.0 and Wichenford 2.0 tents. More on these in the coming months.

One product we didn’t see coming straight away was the Pop Up Beach Hut. This fantastic full size Beach Hut you can take anywhere with you! It comes in a 80cm bag and all you have to do is take it to the beach – open it up and voila! You have somewhere to chill and keep the kids out of the sun.

We have become well known for our Beach Hut and again, it’s been seen on a lot of TV and in a lot of magazines. We’ve also had some great emails and photos from people who’ve found all sorts of crazy uses for them. Most recently it’s been a regular feature on Lorraine in Benidorm.

OLPRO have also become famous (in our own bath water) for making some pretty fancy chemicals including Bottom & Top PLUS which is an all in one toilet chemical and rinse, highly concentrated, and in a measuring bottle – so for campers and caravanners alike you need only take one small bottle away with you – rather than two huge bottles. It saves money, time, space and effort.

And if all that wasn’t enough we also make sleeping bags, windbreaks, tent pegs, bags and covers for all sorts of camping accessories, awning carpet, tent carpets, lighting and accessories for caravans.

And finally in 2014/ 2015 we have become the exclusive distributor of the Happy Camper range of accessories from Unikia in the UK and for the SAFIRE Roaster. These are two very OLPRO ranges of products, the first from Norway and SAFIRE from South Africa.

You can see the full range of OLPRO at and we have links to both our retailers and to those people who offer the ranges online.

Because we’re pretty funky we only sell to like minded people so there are lots of places you can’t buy our products. If you need to find somewhere then email us or call us and we will be very happy to help. We do supply over 150 retailers and many with multiple stores so we should find someone near you.

If you want to sell our products then contact us too and we’ll he happy to talk further about what we do and the support we can give retailers.