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Caravan & Motorhome Covers

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Fully Breathable Caravan & Motorhome Covers allows condensation to evaporate.  They are water resistant and fully UV stable to protect your caravan from the sun, rain and stops decals fading.  It's universal in size with elasticated hems to help keep dirt and dust out once fitted.  Nylon straps ensure a tight fit on your caravan.

Perfect for all year round storage.  It has two zips for easy access.  Full instructions included and supplied with storage bag,

Protects against:

UV Rays, Wind & Rain, Smog & Dust, Snow & Ice, Birds and Leaves.


OLPRO Caravan Covers come in green, in the following sizes.

OL670 -  Length - 12'-14' (Up to 4.1m)     Width - 2.25m

OL671 - Length - 14'-16' (4.1m to 5m)      Width - 2.4m

OL672 - Length - 16'-18' (5m to 5.6m)      Width - 2.4m

OL673 - Length - 18'-20' (5.6m to 6.2m)   Width - 2.4m

OL674 - Length - 20'-22' (6.2m to 6.8m)   Width - 2.4m

OL675 - Length - 22'-24' (6.8m to 7.4m)   Width - 2.4m

We have 5 different sizes in Motorhome Covers, which all come in Grey. 


To determine which size caravan cover you need measure the length of your caravan from the front of the caravan (don't include the hitch).

The width of each is 2.4m, with the exception of the smallest size which is 2.25m.