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Fiamma Caravanstore & Caravanstore Zip

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Fiamma Caravanstore Rafter Pole

Caravan Awning

£19.00 GBP
Fiamma Tie-Down Kit 'S'

Caravan Awning

£19.00 GBP

At OLPRO we stock a wide range of Fiamma Canopies and Accessories for Campervans, Motorhomes & Caravans including the Fiamma Caravanstore & the Caravanstore Zip. The Fiamma Caravanstore is easy to use and install: it takes only 45 seconds to completely roll it out.  The legs are inside the roller tube, easy to take out and install as they are hinged and telescopic, so they cannot fall down or be lost.  The roller can be rolled-up in both directions. Thanks to its patented wide roller the Caravanstore is easy to roll and unroll and above all the fabric is wrinkle-free.

The Caravanstore Zip includes the Caravanstore Zip roll out Canopy and also a full set of sides and front which simply zip into the canopy.  If you buy the standard Caravanstore you can buy the Leinwand Caravanstore Explorer room which does fit directly to the Caravanstore to create the same effect.

So when choosing decide you want just the canopy, the canopy and the awning room and then choose your colour between Blue and Grey.  Finally, make sure you choose the right length.  Below we've listed all the possible information you could need to help you decide on the right Caravanstore or Caravanstore Zip product for you.

Order yours today delivery is 5 days (due to size we deliver on a different delivery service to our usual despatches).  Don't forget we also stock and sell Leinwand Explorer Rooms for the Fiamma Caravanstore which means you can turn your Caravanstore into a complete awning, as well as canopy.


The Fiamma Caravanstore




Description              Awning length A      Canopy length B      Extension C    Shade surface  Weight
Caravanstore 190      196 cm                       162 cm                      180 cm            2,9 m2                 6,1 kg
Caravanstore 225      236 cm                       202 cm                      225 cm            4,5 m2                 7,6 kg
Caravanstore 255      266 cm                       232 cm                      225 cm            5,2 m2                 8,4 kg
Caravanstore 280      288 cm                       254 cm                      225 cm            5,7 m2                 9 kg
Caravanstore 310      318 cm                       284 cm                      225 cm            6,4 m2                10,2kg
Caravanstore 360      369 cm                       334 cm                      225 cm            7,5 m2                11,3kg

Caravanstore 410      419 cm                       384 cm                      225 cm            8,6 m2                12,5kg

Caravanstore 440      449 cm                       414 cm                      225 cm            9,3 m2                 13 kg



Simply measure your caravan from left to right, along the awning channel, where you want the canopy to cover. 

The Fiamma Caravanstore Zip




Description Awning        length  B      Extension C    Canopy length D   Shade surface   Weight
Caravanstore ZIP 280        288 cm         225 cm             254 cm                   5,6 m2                24,2 kg
Caravanstore ZIP 310        318 cm         225 cm             284 cm                   6,3 m2                26,1 kg
Caravanstore ZIP 360        369 cm         225 cm             334 cm                   7,4 cm2              28,8 kg
Caravanstore ZIP 410       419 cm         225 cm             384 cm                   8,5 m2                 31,9 kg
Caravanstore ZIP 440       449 cm         225 cm             414 cm                    9,9 m2                34,5 kg