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Designed in the UK by OLPRO we have a fantastic range of windbreaks..  All produced from quality materials with unique designs, designed by OLPRO.


As well as our Witley design and our longstanding Picket Fence, Laurel Hedge and Stone Wall Windbreaks we've also introduced new designs for 2017.  These include The Beach, Beach Huts, and Bio Hazard.  You can really stand out on any campsite or Beach with OLPRO Windbreaks.


" It's really important that as well as offering a unique range of tents that stand out from others that we've invested the time and money into producing a unique range of matching accessories.  Our Windbreaks not only match up perfectly with our family tents but also with our Melamine but they also stand on their own and look fantastic.  Windbreaks have so many uses from the campsite to the beach. ", Mike.