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Become an Affiliate

You can make money by recommending OLPRO.

If you're part of a group or organisation or you have your own website or Social Media you can sign up straight away to make money from recommending OLPRO.  This is open to anyone and everyone and can mean you making money in minutes.

It's very simple.  All you do is post your unique link to your site, along with special offers, and you get paid.

Click on the link below to get going.

You'll be asked for a username and password and that's it.  Wait for your email to arrive and you can promoting OLPRO to everyone.

Via your account page you can track your orders (from friends, colleagues, and other people you've recommended to OLPRO).  It's also where you can see your invoices we've paid you for and also where special discounts and banners will be which you can post and use in order to make your recommendation even more appealing.

On this page will also be your unique website address.

You this to direct people to OLPRO.  This is the link you'll post on your website, in your forum, on twitter etc.