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OLPRO Guarantee & Warranty Details

All OLPRO products are designed and manufactured to exacting standard at our multiple factories and are tested under the appropriate conditions and terms of use. All OLPRO products are covered by our standard warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing faults on purchase of the product. These potential faults may be in the parts, the fabric of the product or the workmanship. The warranty also covers the functionality of the product for it’s normal use.

The OLPRO Warranty covers you from 12 months of purchase but most of the potential warranty issues apply to issues which will occur prior to first use.

The OLPRO warranty does not cover poles or the malfunction of any fabric or component that has resulted fro improper or unreasonable use or lack of maintenance. Accidents such as damage to due excessive weather/ winds, improper re-packing of products or any natural degradation due to sunlight are not covered.

No consequential loss may be claimed under this guarantee. This guarantee in no way affects your statuary rights.


In order to make a warranty claim please contact your dealer first. This is the person from whom you purchase your product. They will advice you of the best course of action. If the product needs to be returned to us for inspection then please email us at sales@olpro.co.uk . Do not send back anything without prior email to this address as this is likely to result in your product being returned without inspection. It is likely we will ask for photographs and details of the warranty claim, if not already passed on from the retailer, prior to accepting any products back.

We will then deal with your warranty claim.


Repairs & Spare Parts

OLPRO After sales carry a range of spare parts for all OLPRO tents. If you need a replacement part or to purchase new poles then please email us at sales@olpro.co.uk . If your product is not covered by warranty we can provide spare poles, pole sections and other spares. Please email us at the above email address with as much detail of the part needed as possible.

If you believe your product is a warranty claim then please contact the OLPRO dealer you purchased it from first. Do not return any products to us without first contacting us via email otherwise it is likely your product will be returned back to you.


As a guide the following damage is not covered by your warranty on tents:

  • General wear and tear over extended periods of use.
  • Flaws in the fabric caused by excessive wear.
  • Water ingress through fabric as a result of UV degradation.
  • Water ingress through seams caused by excessive abrasion of seams.
  • Broken zips caused by forcing, jamming or improper use.
  • Over tensioned/stretched seams coming apart.
  • Buckles subjected to undue force or abrasion.
  • Broken carry bag if it is over loaded.
  • Any tent pole breakages.
  • Collateral damage from a pole breakage.
  • UV Degradation.
  • Condensation, usually caused by a lack of ventilation.
  • Commercial use by rental companies.