The striking Berrow Hill Melamine Set  captures the Great British Outdoors with it's bright and colourful design (2014).


Caravans, Tents and other images cover this 100% Melamine Set designed by OLPRO for 2013.  This is the NEW 2014 set with thicker plates and bowls, wider brim mugs and wide handles.    This is a unique design for people who are looking for the best looking melamine set available.  Do you want to stand out from the crowd and as you pass around plates and cups to guests be offering something striking and different?  If so, then the Berrow Hill melamine is perfect.  There are normal, boring, Melamine sets available but the Berrow Hill set from OLPRO is very different and something that other people will definitely comment on, as so many reviews already have.


We've been using the Berrow Hill melamine set all season and it's incredible quality and dish washer safe so after your holiday or that BBQ it's very easy to clean.  Unlike a lot of other melamine as well the print stays on the plate and all of the pieces are lightweight despite being strong.  The number of times we've actually had people come over and talk to us about the melamine set is incredible because they've seen it in shops or online.


Using melamine as opposed to other plates, bowls and mugs means a lot less broken crockery when travelling and also stops accidents in the garden or out on campsites when people drop or knock over bowls, mugs or plates.  Using melamine can save lots of money in re-buying sets.


The Berrow HIll melamine set as had great reviews by The Camping & Caravanning Club, Practical Caravan, The Independent, UKCampsite and in many other magazines and online.



Set includes:


4 x 10" Plates (25.5cm Diameter)

4 x 8" Plates (20cm Diameter)

4 x Bowls (15.5cm Diameter)

4 x Mugs (7.5cm Diameter, 9.5cm Tall)


See STORES for your local retailer.


Melamine is ideal for Caravanning, Camping and BBQs.  


Individual pieces also available if you need more of any of the plates, mugs, or bowls  in the Berrow Hill design.


Only 2.2kg for the full set.


To find your closest OLPRO retailer and where to buy this product click here.

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